The Historical Renaissance Ride

“That Classic Cultural Metropolitan Vibe”

Riding fly: The sterling debut of Newark Renaissance Ride

Delanie WestComment

If you happened to be downtown Newark last Sunday, you may have taken in the stunning sight of a group of impeccably dressed bicycle riders taking over the city’s streets.

These were the participants in the first-ever Newark Renaissance Ride. The event borrowed its sartorial spirit from “tweed runs” that have taken place in other cities, but the ride’s co-founder, Paul Chinnery, wants you to know that the ride was really about celebrating Newark’s remarkable culture and history.

A few years ago Paul and his friend Hassan Abdus-Sabur, both bike riding advocates, started talking about the tweed runs that were growing popular in other cities. They eventually decided to adapt and enhance the concept for Newark. They got to work on the event in 2016, and a year later, Newark Renaissance Ride was born.
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