The Historical Renaissance Ride

“That Classic Cultural Metropolitan Vibe”

The Historical Renaissance Ride

The Historical Renaissance Ride is our signature event celebrating the cultural, musical, architectural and artistic history of the great American city.

The Inaugural Signature Event, The Newark Historic Renaissance Ride, an amalgamation of history, culture, fitness and scholarship, presented a rare and unique opportunity for participants to experience the grand decades of old, celebrating period dress, and completion of a cycle route which presents an architectural and historic account of Newark. Tweed is the fall fashion theme of this ride.

Announcements forthcoming for the 2018 Fall Ride.


The Historical Renaissance Ride Seersucker Summer Social

Enjoy the warm weather as you dress for the occasion for the premier summer cycling & social event of the season.

Seersucker & Summer Linens are the seasonal fashion theme for this ride.  Wear your finest seersucker, linens, hats and caps, be sure to bring your signature style. Best dressed Woman and Male recognition to be awarded to the riders with the most-on-point style.  Not sure what to wear? Take a look at these images for inspiration.

Register for the July 16th, 2018 Summer Ride Here.

The After Social

As the Seersucker Summer Social Ride tour route comes to completion, riders will convene upon Newark Public Library, the fifth and final stop of the tour, for a curated history of cycling culture & architecture.  Participants are invited to be social, relax, enjoy light refreshments & live music.  Merchandise will be available for registered riders.

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Founded in the city of Newark, New Jersey we are an organization dedicated to the celebration of the culture, music, architecture and artistic heritage of America’s great urban cities.
— The Historic Renaissance Ride