The Historical Renaissance Ride

“That Classic Cultural Metropolitan Vibe”

Seersucker Summer Social Ride Route Sneak Preview

Historical Renaissance Ride

Our #1 goal has been to bring Renaissance Riders a fantastic experience and our team has done some great work on historical content and route planning. 

Stacee Robertson, a member of the Newark Renaissance Ride Logistics and Rider Experience team, shares a teaser video experience of her test run of the ride. Stacee gives the route experience a thumbs up! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Thanks to Stacee for the route test and a big thanks to Co-Founder & Ride Historian Hassan Abdus-Sabur for his work on route planning and content. 

Be sure to register for the ride at 

About the Ride: The route is a low intensity, scenic ride. 10 miles, seven to 8 stops, under 2 hours. 

Newark Historical Renaissance Ride 2018 Seersucker Route Sneak Preview