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Honoring Althea

Honoring Althea Gibson

Delanie West

The NHRR is excited to support the Honoring Althea Gibson Fundraiser To Benefit Youth Tennis in East Orange

A huge note of thanks goes out to the African American Graphic Designers Group (AAGD), artists Lafe Taylor and Donelda Iysoba for creating custom pieces in Althea Gibson’s image for the Althea Gibson Tennis Scholarship Fundraiser Gala. 

The artwork will be auctioned at the Althea Gibson Gala. You may also make a donation to the scholarship project Honoring Althea

Donelda Iyizoba IG:

Donelda Iyizoba IG:

Donelda Iyizoba is an illustrator, based in West Orange New Jersey with a background in fine arts and fashion.  In an effort to create a new perception of inclusivity and beauty, her creations go against certain aesthetic restrictions associated with fashion, fine art and graphic design. Through the examination of her own African and Caribbean cultures, social media and world events she considers form and challenges color codes used to talk about culture.



Lafe Taylor

Lafe Taylor

Lafe Taylor is a tech entrepreneur, business mentor, podcaster, story teller, cooperative director, graphic designer, social commentator, and last but not least an artist.

Lafe Taylor a Lexington entrepreneur and co-founder of a tech startup that raised over  $2.5 million in VC funding has been doing art off and on all of his life. Within the last few years, Lafe started putting more time and energy into the development of his artistic skills as they had taken a backseat to work and venture.

Lafe’s artistic influences range from cartoons, motion graphics, fine art and character development. His love for cartoons derives from the elegance of how simple lines can convey emotions and tell meaningful stories. Lafe’s art can be viewed via his instagram page He also has his work available at

Sporting Althea 16” x 20” by Lafe Taylor

Sporting Althea 16” x 20” by Lafe Taylor

Through the collaborative efforts of the Estate of of Althea Gibson, Leslie Scott Seale and the City of East Orange, we seek to raise funds to support the East Orange Tennis Summer Camp. This program is administered by the East Orange Recreation Department and runs for 3 weeks during the summer months. It currently services around 50 children, and our goal is to expand the program to become an incubator for future tennis excellence in East Orange.