The Historical Renaissance Ride

“That Classic Cultural Metropolitan Vibe”

Renaissance Rider: Rachel Gardiner

Renaissance RiderHistorical Renaissance Ride

Rachel Gardiner

Urban Cyclist

Rachel Gardiner loves everything the world and life has to offer. " I sometimes come off as weird or different but that's who I am. I flow with the current that takes me to the next adventure in my life. My mind, heart, and arms are open to every situation that comes my way and I try to face everything with optimism."

I have yet to experience the Newark Historical Renaissance Ride. I’m looking forward to a slow ride where I can take in historic architecture, artistic history, music and mad culture in a city that is new to me but home to a couple of friends.

I work in Economic Development outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland is a neighborhood-centric city, I enjoy riding through each of our diverse neighborhoods to gain insight on what is working well (economically) for each of them. The food, scenery and aesthetic of each neighborhood is unique and you never know when you will ride up on a gem.

I’m inspired by art, music, literature, new adventures, great people and great food.

I’m probably considered an urban rider. I enjoy riding leisurely with friends through cities and parks.

My ride is a vintage 98 Bianchi Trofeo. I also have a Pake fixed-gear and an original 1991 GT Zaskar mountain bike. 

Rachel Gardiner

Rachel Gardiner